Work Accident Claims

Nobody goes to work thinking that they are going to have an accident. These days, it is an expectation that we are able to work in a safe and secure environment. When conditions require it, safety gear and clothing is provided and we have had the necessary training to operate machinery or equipment, so nothing can happen which causes an accident.
In most cases, the above situation is correct. The actual number of accidents at work has declined by an average of about three percent every year for the last twenty years. This wouldn’t have happened without legislation being provided to protect the safety of workers and the vigilance of all those who have an interest in workplace safety.

Work Accident Claims can be made at any time after an accident at work for which the workplace environment is unsatisfactory and the employer can be proved to be negligent. Although a claim can be made up to three years after an accident, it is best to pursue the claim as soon as possible, as it will be much more likely that it will be successful.

Work Accident Claims are best made through personal injury solicitors who specialise in work accident cases as they will have all the up to date requirements at their fingertips. We at Lamb & Co are proud to state that we have an excellent record in resolving many thousands of accident claims over the last few years and are happy to provide you with assistance to make your claim if you have had an accident at work which you think is the fault of your employer.

Our “no win no fee” legal service is deliberately designed to allow anybody to make a claim, even if they are short of money. You won’t have to pay a thing if your claim is unsuccessful. We make sure that we only proceed when there is every chance that the case is successful and will guarantee that we will fight to recover the best possible compensation package for the injuries and losses suffered by you when the case is resolved in your favour.