Work Accident Compensation

There are a multitude of possible accidents that can happen in a workplace and many of these depend on the specific workplace environment. One type of injury that can happen just about anywhere is back strain caused by handling objects that are simply too heavy, or for which equipment should have been provided or possibly because you have been given insufficient training to prevent the injury happening.
Effective training is absolutely essential in many workplaces and is part of maintaining a safe and healthy place to work for which every employer is obliged to provide. It is quite possible that you can sustain injuries at work due to one of your co worker’s mistakes, but in many instances this could easily have been avoided if they had been provided with effective training.

Safe environments save money for everybody in the long run. All employers need to take out insurance in the case of accidents. When workers put in a claim for Work Accident Compensation, premiums are only going to rise if accidents happen too often. Time off work costs the employer as does the actual compensation package itself. And then there are the costs to the national health service of treatment and the personal costs to the person who has had the accident.

Work Accident Compensation is a legal right if you have suffered an accident at work and the employer is responsible. If you have had an accident any time in the last three years, then you can contact us here at Lamb & Co and we will provide all the assistance you need to ensure your claim is successful, providing the circumstances show that the employer is liable.

We operate a “no win no fee” service at Lamb & Co, which means that you pay absolutely nothing to us whilst we progress your case and in the case of a case being lost, you will not have to pay us a penny for the services provided to you.