Work Injury Claims

Work Injury Claims can be made whenever an accident takes place in your workplace due to poor health and safety conditions there. Your employer has the obligation to provide a safe working environment and is therefore liable if you trip over, suffer back strain from lifting something heavy or even a co worker drops something on top of you, just to mention a few of the possible causes of accidents at work.
Providing a safe and healthy workplace includes the provision of non slip floors, protective clothing in some instances, and training sessions where equipment used can be a danger. Overall, the number of accidents in Britain’s places of work has declined over the last twenty years as legislation has helped make our workplaces safer places to work in. However, accidents can happen and there are still too many employers who need to improve the working environment to help avoid accidents. In many cases it is almost impossible to avoid all accidents, so it is a requirement that all employers have insurance to cover them in the event of Work Injury Claims being made because of an accident.Work Injury Claims are best made through a professional personal injury solicitor, who has experience in accidents at work. The legal procedures involved in these cases are somewhat different from other accident claims, so it helps to use somebody who has the relevant experience.Lamb & Co specialise in personal injury law. We have a well trained team of solicitors here who have had plenty of experience dealing with all sorts of workplace accidents and can advise you of your chances of a successful claim if you have had an accident at work.

We do offer a “no win no fee service” here too, so it won’t cost you anything to put your compensation claim through us. We charge the employer our legal fees and this will only be done if the case is won on your behalf.

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