Car Accident Compensation Claims

Anyone who happens to be involved in a car accident may be extremely traumatised. Even a minor accident can bring about both physical and psychological distress. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident on one of our roads, you might be able to make a car accident compensation claim for any injuries that have been inflicted on you.
With all car accident compensation claims someone else has to be at fault for the accident. Most car accidents arise as a result of a mistake on the part of the driver. Certain obvious causes include speeding, failing to look when turning at a road junction, not keeping the right distance and running into the rear of the car in front. Road conditions brought on by weather events also cause car accidents, but this is a time when all drivers should be paying particular attention so if they are involved in an accident and it is due to their negligence, then they are still to blame despite poor road conditions.

At Lamb & Co we have a group of dedicated specialist solicitors who are experienced in dealing with car accident compensation claims. If your injuries were not your fault, and you bring your case to us, we offer a free consultation service. Within a short space of time, we will know if your claim is valid and we will give you the opportunity to use one of our experienced, caring solicitors to take you through the car accident compensation claims process. This is unlikely to involve attendance at court, as there is normally no problem with settling a claim.

Our goal and aim is to ensure that we recover the maximum possible compensation payable to you. If we have the misfortune to lose your compensation claim, then you will have nothing to pay, under our no win no fee service.