Car Accident Compensation

Some of us might be in a position to have to make a car accident compensation claim for injuries that we have received as a victim in a car accident. This is the only way that we can be compensated for any losses incurred while being off work due to a car injury that was not our fault.
It is very unfortunate that a car, which is involved in an accident at high speed, can cause injuries to just about any part of the body, and these could be as small as cuts and bruises or as big as broken legs and arms or even more severe, brain and spinal cord damage. It does not seem to matter how much car drivers are educated on accident avoidance and defensive driving tactics, there are still some very nasty car accidents on our busy roads.

Fortunately, innocent victims of car accidents who have received an injury while being driven by someone else, can claim car accident compensation for their injuries. A pedestrian, who is inadvertently hit by a car, can claim car accident compensation as well.

If you have been a victim of a car accident, either recently or up to three years ago, and you were injured and it was not your fault, you should contact us at Lamb & Co and make an appointment to talk to one of our experienced, dedicated personal injury solicitors.

It is your legal right to be assessed for car accident compensation. It will not cost you anything as we offer a no win no fee service, which means if we lose the case, you pay nothing and we guarantee that we will recover the maximum compensation that is due to you. We assure you that we do not take on any cases that we do not think we will win but in the unlikely event that your claim fails, we will not charge you a penny under the terms of our no win no fee agreement.