Car Accident Lawyer

When a car accident takes place on one of our busy roads and motorways and passengers are injured, it may be necessary to pursue a claim for compensation from the negligent driver. Such cases are referred to as personal injury cases.
As long as another driver is proved responsible for causing the accident, the victim has the legal right to claim compensation. A car accident lawyer who specialises in personal injury claims has the knowledge and expertise to pursue compensation claims for whiplash, broken bones, fractured bones and psychological suffering that may have affected the victim.Any victim of a car accident should, of course, seek medical attention immediately and then consider the compensation side. It might be that the injuries are just cuts and bruises, which just require a smearing of antiseptic cream and a bandage to prevent infection. It might not even be necessary to take any time off work to recover. However, many accidents do incur serious injury and lengthy periods of convalescence. In these cases, severe financial hardships are encountered, which might drag on for several months.

In these circumstances, this is where compensation will assist you through these difficult periods. If you are recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer at our office at Lamb & Co, where we have experienced, sympathetic lawyers who can handle your compensation claim. Do not feel guilty claiming compensation as this type of monetary assistance is designed to lend a hand when bills are piling up as earnings have been reduced.

Once the car accident lawyer has listened to your story and gathered the facts then you will be told if you have a good case for a compensation claim. From this point, all the necessary information will be gathered and the claim will be processed. We never take on cases that are deemed to fail. You do not have to pay anything, as we offer a no win no fee service and once the payment has been received, you will receive the full amount. The insurance company of the losing party pays our fees.