Car Accident Solicitors

In the U.K., it is compulsory for all car drivers to be in the possession of some form of car insurance and if a driver is caught driving a car uninsured then s/he is breaking the law. The lowest level of insurance is called third-party which means the driver and vehicle are not insured but victims of an accident caused by that car are insured.
If you have been a victim of a car accident and you have received some form of injury, whether physical or emotional in the last three years, then you are entitled to claim compensation from the driver who caused the injury. It is better to use the services of car accident solicitors to pursue your case.

Especially if you happen to know the driver that caused the injuries, it might seem quite daunting recouping some compensation to make up for the suffering that the person has caused. Our personal injury car accident solicitors at Lamb & Co are experienced in dealing with these sensitive issues but you must realise that it is your legal right to claim compensation and this is why Third Party Insurance is compulsory in the UK.

Your compensation payment will help you to meet the additional costs that are associated with the side effects of an injury such as loss of pay from work while recovering, taxi fares to the doctor for a medical check up and so on.

Once you have made a free appointment with one of our car accident solicitors who specialise in personal injury claims, you will be told almost immediately if you have a valid claim. We will start the ball rolling with your case as soon as possible, and it will not be long before the payment arrives. We guarantee that we will seek to recover the maximum compensation payable and we will not charge you if your claim is unsuccessful.