Car Injury Claims

Any head injury can induce memory loss, slow down reaction time, cause paralysis and hearing and vision problems. At the very worst, these sorts of injuries can prove fatal. If you have received a head injury in an accident while driving a car, then you can put in for one of the many car injury claims that are made each year, if the accident is the result of another driver.
When seeking a compensation claim for a head injury, the amount of compensation is partly based on the physical pain encountered and also includes an amount for the emotional suffering and the pain that goes with it. This could be loss of income due to lack of ability to undertake your normal job.

Once you have decided to make a car accident claim because of a head injury, it is important to take on the services of a personal injury solicitor who understands these situations well. All our solicitors at Lamb & Co are highly experienced at winning car injury claims and can follow through your case with professionalism and ease. One of our solicitors will be appointed to help you collect the documents you may require and witnesses’ statements to help to support the case and help to make sure you are granted a sufficient compensation payment.

If your injuries are so bad that you have to stay at home, then we can send a solicitor around at your convenience, to collect all the information and decide if your case is valid.

None of the services we offer for car injury claims will cost you anything. Our services are all guaranteed by our no win no fee policy and we will always make sure you keep the full compensation payment once it has been received. Our fees are covered by the insurance policy of the losing party and, remember, we only take on cases that we think we can win.