Motorcycle Accident Claims

When you are driving down one of our busy main roads and you see a collision between a car and a motorcycle, you reel in horror as the mangled bodies are retrieved from beneath the larger vehicle. Motorcyclists are very vulnerable on our roads and they are not easily seen by ongoing traffic, especially at night when a road is just a blurred mass of lights streaming in all directions. However, they have every right to be on our roads as they are licensed and insured like the rest of us who drive cars or bigger vehicles. They also have the opportunity to make motorcycle accident claims, through solicitors such as ourselves at Lamb & Co, if they have an accident and it was not of their making.
If you happen to be involved in an accident while on a motorcycle and it was not your fault, then you have every right to make one of the many motorcycle accident claims that are lodged every year as a result of the actions of a negligent driver. Motorcycle injuries can be very debilitating and may result in many days recuperating at home and missing work days. At this time, unpaid bills begin to pile up and taxi fares have to be paid to get to medical appointments and such like.

If the accident was not your fault and took place in the last three years, you should contact one of our professional and dedicated personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co who are experienced in dealing with motorcycle accident claims of your type. The first thing we will do is check to see if you have a valid claim. This assessment is a free service. Once we have established that we can win your case, we will start collecting all the necessary details and, once compiled, we will present your compensation claim for consideration.

Personal injury compensation claims do not take that long and when the payment has been received, we guarantee we will seek to recover the highest possible award in compensation payable in your case. If, in the unlikely event that we lose your case, then you are covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement.

We are aware of many Insurers trying to settle claims shortly after the accident with the victim directly. We would advise against this because in our experience, should you seek to negotiate your case directly with the Insurer, this will invariably result in you being undercompensated with no rights of redress to you against them. We have acted in many cases when an Insurer has offered a small amount of money to our client to ‘see an end’ to the case although after careful consideration, the case has been worth thousands more in compensation. The Insurers do not have our clients best interests at heart and when all is said and done, they have an obligation to their Shareholders to keep costs to a minumum. This, of course, results in significant undersettlement of cases which we believe is wrong and unethical.