Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

Motorcycle riders incur sixteen times the rate of serious injuries than car drivers and double that of cyclists. 75% of all fatalities of motorcycle riders are as a result of head on collisions with another vehicle. The remaining accidents are caused by the rider hitting an object such as a tree or skidding on ice and not paying due care and attention to other road hazards.
These are quite grim statistics, but fortunately all road users driving motorised vehicles are required by law to be insured. This, at least, means that there are motorcycle accident compensation claims available to be made if someone is injured through no fault of their own.

With the number of injuries on our roads every year as a result of negligent driving, solicitors such as us at Lamb & Co amass a large number of motorcycle accident compensation claims. If you happen to have sustained an injury on one of our busy roads and it was not your fault and it occurred within the last three years, then you might be entitled to a compensation payment as well. All you have to do is to call one of our experienced and helpful solicitors and ask them to assess your eligibility for a compensation claim. This service will not cost you anything and if you sustained your injury recently and are still not yet completely mobile then we can arrange a free national home visit at your convenience.

Once we have established your eligibility to make one of our motorcycle accident compensation claims, then we will gather all the necessary information required to put a strong case for you. We rarely follow through a case if we don’t think we are likely to win, and we hope to be able to establish the amount without a court appearance being necessary.

When the whole procedure has been completed, we can guarantee that you will receive all the money that you are due and we do not deduct anything. The fee is born by the losing party. If, in the unlikely event we lose the case, you will still pay nothing, as you are eligible for a free service through our “no win no fee” arrangement.