Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

All road users in the UK are required by law to hold some type of insurance before their vehicle can be put to use on our roads. This is to ensure that the person responsible for an accident pays the repair bill of a victim’s vehicle and compensation for the hardship caused to the victim because of injuries sustained. The minimum requirement is third party insurance, which covers all other victims of an accident which is your responsibility. This is consoling to a victim as they can gain some monetary relief while taking time off work to recover from any mental or physical suffering received when involved in an accident.
Our motorcycle accident solicitors at Lamb & Co fully understand the complexities of the insurance system in the UK, and are ready at hand to assist victims of accidents to make a valid claim if they have been involved in an accident that is not their fault. The practice of Insurers offering victims of negligence an early offer to settle their claim without legal advice is on the increase. We wholly disagree with these tactics purely with the victim in mind. There is no Insurer or indeed, Lawyer who can properly value your claim without medical evidence. If an early ofer is made to you, and this is accepted, then you have no rights of redress against the Insurer for any ongoing symptoms you recover from. This invariably results in many victims of negligence being grossly undercompensated which we believe is wrong, imorral and unethical.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident within the last three years and it was not your fault, then give one of our motorcycle accident solicitors a call and we will sort out your compensation claim. All you have to do is furnish us with the correct details and we will decide if you have a claim that we can win. Our team of motorcycle accident solicitors are experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful and can even offer a free national home visit arranged at your convenience if your injuries are such that makes travelling difficult.

Once we have established the circumstances, then we will pursue your claim. This will involve us obtaining clear and comprehensive medical evidence detailing the injuries sustained to you and the likely recovery period. We will use this evidence to properly quantify your case for you. At this point we will also consider all claims for financial losses in order that these may be recovered in full. It will normally only be a short time fter that your claim will be negotiated. We have a policy of ensuring that we recover nothing less than the absolute maximum in compensation payable in your case. We will try to settle most of our claims out of court, so there should not be a need to sit through court proceedings.

In the unlikely event of your case failing, you will be covered by our “no win no fee” arrangement and will not be responsible for any of the charges incurred in progressing the case for you.