Motorcycle Injury Claims

Lamb & Co are specialists in dealing with motorcycle injury claims made by anybody who has had a motorcycle accident caused by another road user. We provide our services on a”no win no fee” basis, and have many years of excellent practice in assessing motorcycle cases and pursuing claims for compensation on the behalf of those who have had injuries brought on by a collision with another vehicle.
Motorcyclists have every right to use the public road system. Yet motorcycle accidents are some of the worst experienced on the roads and accidents involving motorcycles appear far too prominently in the statistics. Anybody who uses a motorcycle has sixteen times the chance of being involved in a serious injury compared to a car user, while at the same time, at least half of accidents involve a collision with another road vehicle, usually head on. Motorcycles provide virtually no inherent protection for their riders, hence the severity of the injuries.

The mode of transport is quite safe provided that adequate training is provided for the motorcyclist, he or she uses proper safety gear and drives with every due care and attention. The other proviso is that other road users take extra care around motorcycles and this is where the problem lies. With so many motorcycle accidents caused by other road users, motorcycle injury claims are inevitable. Motorcyclists have a legal right to claim for compensation just like any other road user, as long as another person is to blame for the accident.

Motorcycle accidents usually involve worse injuries than car accidents and this means that victims of an accident are more likely to need more medical treatment and will be away from work for longer, recovering. All this means a substantial toll on the personal budget, so motorcycle injury claims can provide some immediate relief to the victim’s bank account.

If you have had a motorcycle accident recently and are confident that somebody else caused your accident, then contact us at the Lamb & Co office and we will make sure that one of our experienced team of solicitors will review your situation. As long as sufficient proof of negligence on the part of the third party can be established, then we will pursue your claim efficiently and speedily.