Road Accident Claims

Road traffic accidents really can happen at any time, with us being an innocent victim of somebody else’s negligent driving behaviour or skills. In Britain, almost ninety percent of all road accidents are due, at least in part, to driver error. Surprisingly, road “black spots” and poor weather conditions are less important factors, perhaps because most drivers automatically compensate when they experience these conditions.
Injuries received as a result of a car accident can be extremely painful and in one accident in ten, be serious or even fatal. If you have been involved in a road accident yourself, and another road user is definitely at fault, then you should be aware that it is the legal right of the injured parties to be able to make road accident claims for compensation. The best way to do this is to contact a professional personal injury solicitor to help you process a claim.

Lamb & Co are proud of their excellent record and reputation for dedication to those who have been injured in road accidents. We offer a fast tracked and efficient road accident claims service with a no win no fee arrangement. You can be assured that we will fight hard to ensure you recover the maximum compensations that would be payable to you for your road accident injuries.

However bad your injuries are, you should try to make contact with our office as soon as possible after an accident and we will assign one of our highly qualified and experienced personal injury solicitors to work with you on your claim. Our road accident claims record is excellent, and we have successfully won thousands of personal injury cases over the last few years.

Here at Lamb & Co, we believe that you are entitled to the highest compensation possible for the physical and emotional distress that your road accident has caused, and guarantee that this is what we will aim for and not a penny less.