Road Accident Compensation Claims

An astonishing 24,000 people were seriously injured or killed on Britain’s busy roads and motorways last year, according to the Department for Transport’s own figures. A further 180,000 people sustained minor or moderate injuries due to a road accident in the same time period. This figure includes people who are just pedestrians or are bike or motor bike riders as well as those who were in some sort of vehicle. Driver overconfidence leading to a misjudgement of road conditions or the intentions of other road users is one of the leading causes of road accidents.
These statistics point to the inescapable fact that any road user may be a completely innocent victim of a road accident just about anywhere in Britain. Unfortunately, far too many of these victims do not realise that it is one of their legal rights to make a claim for an amount of money to be paid to them as a result of any injuries that they receive. Despite the popular perception, road accident compensation claims are often not submitted because road accident victims are simply unaware of what they are able to claim.

If you do sustain injuries from a road accident and somebody else is to blame, then you must contact a personal injury solicitor as soon as possible, as they are experts in processing road accident compensation claims. Our solicitors at Lamb & Co have had years of experience dealing with road accident cases and have a very high success rate in bringing these cases to a satisfactory conclusion.

Lamb & Co’s no win no fee road accident compensation claims service means that you will not have to pay a single penny towards the legal costs of the claim process. Even if we cannot win the case on your behalf, you will still not have to pay a thing. And if we do win the case, then the driver responsible for the accident will have to pay for our legal costs as well as the compensation payment, which you will receive in full. In many cases, liability is admitted fairly early on and a settlement can be finalised without having to take the matter to court.