Road Accident Compensation

Road traffic accidents are some of the commonest types of accident that are experienced in Britain. Up to 800,000 people suffer from some kind of road traffic injury every year, with perhaps as many as one in ten receiving serious injuries. Amazingly, only a third of injuries are thought to be ever reported, with the rest never going on to a police database. While a few of these accidents are caused by bad weather or road conditions, or a poorly maintained vehicle, the majority are caused by people driving too fast or without due care and attention.
When somebody is injured in a road accident, it can cause shock and emotional distress, let alone the physical injuries and damage to various sensitive parts of the body like the face, head, neck and back. These injuries can also result in a considerable burden on personal finances, as it is quite possible that one could be off work or in hospital for some time.

If you have been involved in an accident that has been caused by another road user, it is your right to make a claim for fair and just road accident compensation. You will need to contact a personal injury solicitor to help you make the claim and there is nobody better able to provide this service than Lamb & Co. We have an excellent team of personal injury solicitors at your service and provide excellent legal representation with road accident cases our speciality.

When you make a claim for road accident compensation with our company you will be reassured to know that it is an entirely free service. This is because we operate on a no win no fee policy. Even if the case is ultimately lost, you will not have to pay a thing.

We normally only pursue your claim for road accident compensation when we are sure that the chances of a successful settlement can be made. This depends mostly on being able to prove the involvement of a negligent third party. We can guarantee that we will then deliver you the full and maximum compensation payout, of which you will receive every single penny.