Road Accident Injury Claim

Road accident injuries are some of the worst and also, unfortunately, the most common types of accidents that can happen in this country. Part of the reason for their severity is due to the congestion on our roads and the average speed of the vehicles that we have to contend with every day. Unfortunately, minor accidents can be a source of serious road accident injuries almost as much as major ones. occasionally, one hears of the miraculous case of a person walking away from a head on collision, but we less often notice the person suffering from a debilitating and painful condition like whiplash, whch can be caused by even a minor accident.
A surprising number of people who get injured by a road accident never report their injuries, and probably never realise that they can make a road accident injury claim for fair compensation for their injuries, as long as the accident can be positively identified as being caused by somebody else.If you are ever unfortunate enough to have been involved in a road accident caused by a vehicle driver, even if you are a pedestrian or on a bicycle, you should contact a personal injury solicitor to make a road accident injury claim.

We at Lamb & Co are personal injury solicitors and specialise in road accident cases. We have built up an enviable reputation for success in providing legal representation for those who have been injured in a road accident. We provide one of the best personal injury services in the country with an unblemished record in client care. We are proud of our commitment to recover the highest possible compensation which would be payable to you for the injuries and losses you sustain in the accident.

While not all road accident situations are always straightforward, we will make sure that we will carefully assess your chances of success and guide you through the road accident injury claim process. We understand that the effects of a road accident can be psychologically and emotionally distressing and we will make your claim as stressless as possible.