Road Accident solicitors

Lamb & Co are personal injury specialists. We make it our business to represent the thousands of people who have accidents which have been caused by somebody else. A large number of these are road accidents, while many others happen at work or even in such public places as shopping centres and high streets.
Some of the worst injuries that can result from an accident are caused by road accidents. One of the commonest car injuries is whiplash, caused when somebody has to brake suddenly in a head on collision or a sideswipe. This is an extremely painful injury and can be accompanied by other common injuries like concussion and cuts and bruises to the body.When somebody else is the cause of a road accident, then it is your right to be able to make a claim for compensation from them. The money might not compensate you for the emotional distress which you may have experienced, but it will go a long way to helping pay for expenses related to your injuries and any income lost due to time off work. The first step in making a compensation claim is to contact us at Lamb & Co as we have a fantastic team of road accident solicitors, who all have the expertise and experience to assess the chances of success of your claim and pursue the case on your behalf.We are proud of our commitment to recovering the absolute maximimum compensation payout and are confident that when our team of road accident solicitors takes on your case, that we have a very good chance of winning it.Because of our no win no fee policy, we will ensure that you do not pay a single penny in legal fees should your case be lost.

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