Road Injury Claims

Accidents can happen any day, at any time, especially in and around our busy roads and motorways. It doesn’t seem to matter how careful we are, there is always the possibility of being involved in an accident that is not our fault. Most road accidents are in fact caused by driver negligence and not so much due to weather, poor lighting or road conditions as it seems as if most drivers alter their behaviour when these deteriorate.
Britain’s roads are very congested and the combination of heavy traffic density and speed can be lethal. Nearly two thousand people are killed on our roads every year, although fortunately that number has dropped a little over the years. However, the number of people injured to one degree or another is still far too high.With road accidents causing a variety of debilitating injuries, the financial strain on a victim of a road traffic accident can be severe. Time recovering from injuries is time when income is lost. The fact that it might be not one’s own fault and caused by driver negligence on the part of somebody else, can be galling. Fortunately, the law here in Britain allows for road injury claims to be made against the driver or drivers at fault. These should be made through a personal injury solicitor, and we at Lamb & Co are happy to provide a friendly and efficient legal service on your behalf.

When road injury claims are made through our personal injury solicitors, they are provided on a no win no fee basis. This simply means that the service to the claimant is entirely free. Any legal fees are only charged when the claim has been successful and will be recovered from the party that has been proved negligent.

When you deal with our road injury claims solicitors, you will be offered impartial advice from people who have successfully processed thousands of claims over the last few years.