Road Traffic Accident Claims

As our roads and motorways get busier and busier there is a greater chance of a car accident taking place, if the driver just loses concentration for a split second. So often, when an accident takes place, the impact is so great that any injuries sustained by the occupants in the car are very serious. It is not just a knock or a bruise but might involve severe limb breakages and even crushed bones.
Fortunately, research has discovered fast and efficient ways to restore crushed and broken bones to near their original state. This may require a period in an operating theatre or may just be performed under a local anaesthetic. If you have been the victim of an accident that was not your fault and you have been either temporarily or permanently disabled as a result then there is a compensation package that you are able to claim to help you to recover from the effects of this accident. Your claim would be one of many road traffic accident claims that are successfully won for victims.Our personal injury solicitors at Lamb & Co have years of experience in winning road traffic accident claims for worthy victims of the negligence of other car drivers.

If you have been a victim of a serious injury and you are unable to come into our office to discuss your situation then we offer free national home visits, which are arranged at your convenience. Once our road traffic accident claims solicitor has assessed your situation, the necessary documentation will be compiled and you will just sit back at ease and fully recover from your injuries until the claim has been processed.

Our service is backed up by our no win no fee arrangement. We will give you an absolute guarantee that you will we will only advise you to settle your case if the maximum compensation can be achieved.