Road Traffic Accident Compensation Claims

Unfortunately, a road traffic accident could happen to any unsuspecting person. You could be just driving home on your normal well-worn route when a driver in a vehicle pulls out of a side road without bothering to look and hits your car as you drive pass. You certainly could not have prevented that accident, but the other driver was negligent and was not paying due care and attention.
If you or any passengers in your car were injured in a road traffic accident, then you are entitled to claim compensation from the negligent driver. It is far too common these days to lose concentration, so that road traffic accident compensation claims are made as a matter of course by victims of such negligence. You have a civil and legal entitlement to compensation, as this helps you to finance any lost earnings from non attendance at work and any additional prescription medicines you may require to help the healing process.It is not necessarily that easy to put in a claim for injuries received by an accident by oneself, as there is detailed paperwork that is required. This may include police reports, eyewitnesses’ reports and medical reports that identify the severity of the injuries. However, there is always help at hand at our office at Lamb & Co, where we have an experienced group of sincere, personal injury solicitors who are waiting to process your road traffic accident compensation claim.

If your injuries are so severe that you are unable to come to our office in person, then we can arrange a free national home visit at your convenience. When we have discussed the injury with our clients, we will decide if they have a strong chance of winning the road traffic accident compensation claim. Once the claim is put in motion, the payment is normally made quite quickly and we guarantee we will seek nothing less than the maximum possible compensation payable. In the unlikely chance of an unsuccessful claim, then you are covered by our no win no fee service.