Road Traffic Accident Solicitors

If you have sustained an injury in a car accident, you may think that you are unable to get any sort of compensation for your injuries and that it is just a fact of life. There are no accurate statistics showing who has decided not to pursue a compensation claim when somebody else is to blame for an accident. However, it is estimated that of all the injuries that happen every year, only about a third of them are ever reported to the police.

The simple fact is that bad driving habits are almost always the cause of road traffic accidents. Speeding, drinking while driving and careless and aggressive driving are all major causes of road traffic accidents. Many people who receive terrible injuries every day are totally innocent victims of somebody else’s inattention or overconfidence. When this happens, putting a claim for compensation serves a dual purpose: it helps to keep drivers on their toes and probably helps to keep the number of accidents down as well as helping to compensate the victim in monetary terms.
Making a claim for compensation is best done through professional road traffic accident solicitors, as they will be able to understand the legal process much faster. At Lamb & Co, we have an excellent team of expert solicitors whose speciality is dealing with people who have been affected by road traffic injuries.
If you have sustained an injury due to a vehicle accident, then try and contact us here at the Lamb & Co office as soon as possible and we will assign you one of our road traffic accident solicitors to deal with your claim.

While the liability of the driver who has caused the accident has to be proved, many drivers admit liability when the facts are clear and your road traffic accident solicitors are able to achieve a successful settlement without going to court. The service is entirely free for the victim of a road accident. You will not have to pay a thing, even if the case is unsuccessful. This system has been designed to ensure that everybody is able to make a claim, whatever their income level.