Whiplash Accident Claim

British roads are some of the most crowded and congested in Europe and while there have been a number of important advances in road safety, there are still far too many accidents on our roads. One of the most common causes of road accidents involves people driving far too close to the car in front.
In the event that there is a collision, the driver and passengers of the car in front may suffer from whiplash. This is caused when their necks are suddenly extended as their heads are jerked backwards, then forwards again. Whiplash is easily the most common injury in a car accident, affecting half a million people each year. In many cases, the symptoms of whiplash are not always felt until a few days after the accident, so it is always best to be a little cautious if you have been in a car that has been bumped in the rear in a minor accident.Because whiplash is almost always caused by a rear end collision, the vehicle responsible is the one at the back, usually because they are simply driving too close. Although nobody wants to have a car accident of any kind, the thought that one has a legal right to claim for compensation is some comfort for the pain and injury caused by an accident. To make a whiplash accident claim you need to make an appointment with a personal injury solcitor who has experience with car accidents.

Here at Lamb & Co we provide excellent and effective service for all people who have been involved in a car accident and want to make a whiplash accident claim. This can actually be made up to three years after an accident, but considering medical reports and witness accounts might be needed, it is best to put in a claim for compensation as soon as your injuries allow you to do so.

As has been mentioned already, a whiplash accident claim is relatively straightforward compared to some car accident injuries, because the causes of it are more obvious. We do operate a “no win no fee” service at Lamb & Co and this means that if you were worried about the costs of legal representation, then you shouldn’t be, as it will cost you nothing at all. The claim will only normally be submitted by us when the accident is clear cut and the road user responsible for the accident can be positively identified. In these situations, an out of court settlement is usually made and your compensation payment should be fairly quickly provided by the other vehicle driver’s insurance company.