Whiplash Injury Claims

If you have ever been sitting in a car or train and felt it brake suddenly, you will have noticed that your head jerks forwards, then backwards again. The opposite happens if your car is hit from the back by another vehicle. Even when the jolting is quite minor, the effect on the ligaments and tendons in the neck can be quite severe. The injury is known as whiplash and is probably the commonest of all injuries resulting from a car accident. Certainly, whiplash injury claims are the most common of accident claims that are brought by innocent victims of car accidents every year.
Whiplash can be very painful and might take anything from a week to a year or more to go away, with the average time being about a month. Whiplash sufferers normally wear a protective collar while they are suffering pain. If you do have an accident and sustain any sort of injury and the accident has been caused by another road user you should not hesitate to seek a claim for compensation. People who submit whiplash injury claims usually find that they are resolved relatively quickly, as the fault usually lies with the car or other vehicle that has crashed into the car in front. The cause of whiplash is therefore usually quite straightforward.Lamb & Co have excellent personal injury solicitors who deal with whiplash claims regularly and have brought thousands of cases to successful resolution over the years. It is best to bring your case to us as soon as your injuries allow, as the faster the whole situation is resolved, the more likely it will lead to a successful compensation payout.

If you are worried about legal costs, relax because there will be none at all. Lamb & Co operate a “no win no fee” service for anybody who wants to make whiplash injury claims, so there are no worries about legal fees or expensive costs. Even if the case is eventually lost, you will not have to pay a thing, and in the likely event that your compensation settlement is made quickly, the whole payment will go into your own pocket. We collect our legal fees from the driver at fault, or their insurance company, and this is a totally separate payment from your compensation amount.