Whiplash Injury Compensation

If you have been involved in a collision with another vehicle recently, when another vehicle crashed into your rear end, you may have sustained a number of injuries, including cuts and bruises, concussion and whiplash. It often doesn’t take a serious crash to cause some of these injuries. Whiplash is a very common injury caused when parts of the neck become distorted as the head is jerked sideways or backwards and forwards during a collision. It is a debilitating injury that can involve pain for quite a long time afterwards. Occasionally, it becomes a chronic condition and can last for many months or years.
Dealing with any injuries involved in the accident should be the most important immediate priority. However, when your injuries allow it, you should think about putting in a claim for whiplash injury compensation as long as the accident was definitely caused by another road user. This is your legal entitlement and you will be able to claim compensation for any loss of income because you have been off work, or had to make special purchases to help you ease the pain of your injuries.Lamb & Co are specialists in road accident cases and can assist you in making a claim for whiplash injury compensation. Of all types of claim for accidents, whiplash cases are some of the most common. In fact, nearly three quarters of all car accident claims brought every year are for whiplash and the total cost to the insurance industry is nearly 15% of third party insurance premiums. Whiplash injuries can be prevented in many cases by careful driving. All it takes is to use common sense when following another vehicle and give it plenty of space if it has to stop suddenly. It is the fact that it is the following vehicle that is usually at fault that makes whiplash cases relatively easy to bring to a successful resolution.

We offer a “no win no fee” arrangement here at Lamb & Co. You won’t have to spend a penny when you make a claim for whiplash injury compensation with us and we will guarantee that your claim will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.