Whiplash Injury Solicitor

Lamb & Co are experts in personal injury law and unfortunately we see many cases of injuries due to car accidents every year. We deal with injured parties on a “no win no fee” arrangement, which means that if you were concerned about the cost of making a claim for compensation because of an accident caused by somebody else, you will be pleased to learn that there will be absolutely nothing to pay.
One of the most common types of injury we deal with here is whiplash, usually caused by a rear end vehicle collision. The neck is a sensitive and delicate part of the human body and easily damaged when the body is jerked during a vehicle collision. What makes whiplash so common is that it takes only a minor bump to cause the injury. Having a good, well fitting head rest situated at just the right height, can make an important difference in minor collisions, as it supports the neck, but will not completely stop you suffering from a neck injury.Whenever an accident has been caused by another road user, you will be able to claim for compensation for any costs involved, like job income loss, extra medical costs and so on. This is a legal right and, as there is no reason why you cannot make a claim from a financial point of view, you should try to make contact with a whiplash injury solicitor at our office as soon as possible after the accident. In fact, the law allows you to make a claim up to three years from the date of the accident, but usually most people try to make a claim as soon as their injuries allow.

When you make an appointment with a Lamb & Co whiplash injury solicitor, he or she will listen carefully to the circumstances of your accident and will be able to advise you of the likelihood of success of a claim for compensation. As whiplash injuries are normally caused by somebody bumping or crashing into the back of the vehicle you were in, it is generally easier to prove who was responsible. Once sufficient evidence of responsibility can be collected, a claim can be made and a compensation settlement will be reached quite quickly.

Lamb & Co believe strongly that any compensation payout, which a whiplash injury solicitor assists you with, should be the full amount that is due for the injury received in an accident. We can guarantee that we will pursue your compensation claim to ensure that that is what you collect.